CSK Daelim Roadwin 04-07 - HEAVY DUTY

A winning combination of two proven products -Triple S chain and JT sprockets. Triple S chain as used and developed by Team Yamaha UK's Superbike and MX teams, is the perfect replacement chain for today's motorcycles. Available in X-ring, O-ring, HD and Standard options. To compliment the chain,We utilise JT sprockets to offer a comprehensive range of Chain and Sprocket kits. JT Sprockets are Japanese made from C45 steel (rear sprockets) and C45 steel/SCM415 chromoly (front sprockets) The listed chain and sprocket kits are comprised of the correct combination sprockets and chain type/grade for the bikes as stipulated by the manufacturer. Use of alternative chain will render warranty claims void.
Daelim Roadwin 04-07, 259-14, 269-42, #, 428-146, HD, Roadwin FI 08-09, 259-14, 269-42, #, 428-146, HD